A Bright Future in Mining
2024-01-12 15:37:44
By Admin

Thirty years ago, the mining scenario in Mato Grosso was very different from what we know today. What started as a modest mine, grew and became a prominent mining company in the Central-West region of Brazil. Driven by a bold vision and top-of-the-line equipment, a mining company from the interior today operates with more than 70 units of SANY equipment, becoming an example of success in the exploration of mineral resources.

The basis of the mining company’s operations is its first-rate fleet, made up of SKT90S Trucks and SY750H and SY870H Excavators from SANY. This equipment demonstrated a perfect combination of high productivity, exceptional efficiency, and low operating costs. Vitor Hugo, group operations director, emphasizes that “the high efficiency of SANY machines reduces machine downtime, resulting in an excellent cost per hour worked and a significant increase in productivity.”

The volume of work carried out by the mining company is impressive. Every day, it processes a thousand trucks of dirt, totaling 20 million tons of material. Furthermore, this gigantic operation moves an impressive 90 thousand tons of dirt per day. In one of its plants, the mining company has a deposit that contains two million and seven hundred thousand cubed ounces (ounce is a unit of measurement used in gold mining) of mineral resources, certified under the N43-101 standard, with an estimated potential of six million ounces.


The process of transforming land into mineral wealth is curious in itself. The stones are ground using cutting-edge machinery, consuming 70% less water than traditional mills. The result of this process is a material that, at first glance, resembles shiny sand, thanks to the gold particles that mix with the dirt.


The next step is the delicate step of separating the gold from the surrounding material. This is when mercury comes into play, a chemical element known for its ability to settle. Mercury is added, and, magically, the gold begins to separate from the earth, revealing its shining beauty. It is fascinating to see how technology and science are used to extract wealth effectively and responsibly.


Gold is a metal that, throughout history, has been predominantly associated with the jewelry industry. However, its reach goes far beyond that. The current market has seen gold being used in a variety of sectors, including the manufacture of electronic parts for a variety of devices, from cell phones to medical equipment. Gold’s versatility is a testament to its importance on the global stage.


The history of the mining company is a reflection of the mining scenario in Brazil. According to recent data presented by the Brazilian Mining Institute (Ibram), the sector grew an impressive 6% in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period of the previous year. This remarkable growth resulted in mining industry revenue reaching an impressive R$120 billion. These numbers are a clear sign of the industry’s potential and the importance that mining has for the Brazilian economy.