• Class
    Crawler excavator
  • Engine
    Cummins L9
  • Rated power
    252 kW / 2 100 rpm
  • Bucket capacity
    1.9 m3
  • Operating mass
    40 150 kg

Always reliable – Optimum weight distribution was developed for the arm and boom, enabling maximum lifting capacity. New, high-strength cast parts at the points of most stress on the equipment reduce load stress and improve durability.

Because quality counts – Crawler excavators are high-performance machines that have to prove themselves again and again in the tough conditions of the construction site. We therefore make no compromises when it comes to quality. Clean robot-controlled welded seams and high-quality hydraulic line piping ensure that you can rely on your SANY. In addition, the all-round reinforcement of the upper structure and the all-metal panelling protects against expensive damage – more minor damage can simply be straightened out when needed.

So comfortable, so productive – The spacious cab is equipped with a comfortable, fully adjustable seat and adjustable consoles. This, along with some other features, such as the 10″ touch display, makes the SY390 a comfortable work space.

Spacious and practical – On the 10“ touch display, the operator can, at any time, quickly and reliably call up the most important information and unit statuses. This includes the HD images of the two cameras fitted as standard. Simple handling, intuitive menu navigation and a choice of languages prevent incorrect operation. What‘s more, you can even reliably operate the 10“ touch display when wearing gloves. 

Stable base – The heavy-duty undercarriage provides stability in any situation. It is equipped with a triple chain guard and double-
bearing of the top rollers as standard. Ideal conditions, then, for maximum service life, even with constant, heavy-duty use. 

Stable in every situation – Anyone who wants to really tackle the tough everyday conditions of the construction site needs excellent stability. With the SY390H, the sturdy HD undercarriage is the perfect base. With its low centre of gravity and sophisticated balance, it can make full use of its impressive capacity. A triple chain guard and two stem shoes as standard equipment complete the robust undercarriage design.

Looking good – Two cameras (rear and side) provide the driver with a comprehensive view of the working environment. The images from the cameras can be shown either individually or combined on the HD display. The flat bonnet also allows a clear view to the rear. 

Safety down to the tiniest detail – A rear camera and a side camera are installed ex works as standard. The images from the cameras can be displayed on the HD monitor, either individually or in various combinations, and provide an accurate image of the environment to ensure the highest level of safety. In poor lighting conditions, six work spotlights provide excellent illumination. The maintenance-free LED lights stand out thanks to their exceptional illumination and low power consumption, thereby saving the battery. Sturdy loops for secure transport and a maintenance platform with non-skid surface and a non-slip rail are included in the standard equipment along with emergency lowering. The latter allows the equipment to be lowered if the drive unit were to fail. The comprehensive safety package is completed by protective grilles on the roof and in the lower section of the cab window. These protect both persons and the machine, particularly when working on stony terrain or during demolition work. 

High degree of efficiency – The powerful Cummins unit, in combination with the corresponding exhaust treatment, guarantees full performance for every task. The drive without exhaust gas recirculation ensures efficient combustion. 

Smart ventilation – To ensure that the engine does not overheat, even at maximum output, the SY390H is equipped with a powerful, electronically controlled fan. An integrated coupling ensures that the fan only starts to run when it is actually needed. This saves fuel, decreases noise levels and reduces emissions. Only main components from well-known brand manufacturers are used; for example, the tried and tested Kawasaki hydraulic system.

Maximum productivity – Select the optimum operating mode according to the specific application, and choose between high performance or minimum fuel consumption. The incredible productivity is also a result of its high level of flexibility. For this reason, the SY390H is equipped with two auxiliary control circuits as standard.

Maximise performance, minimise consumption – The water-cooled six-cylinder engine gives all the power necessary to really get stuck into excavation, quarrying or demolition. Furthermore, not only does the unit meet the strict requirements of Emission regulation Stage V, it is also extremely fuel-efficient and quiet. 

Benefits & Features


The SY390H makes it easy for you to work efficiently. And with as much flexibility as you‘ve always wanted. With the automatic switching of the hammer valve and the individually programmable attachment devices, even challenging attachment devices can be changed over quickly and easily. This makes operation more efficient and requires fewer compromises when changing tasks. A flexible powerhouse, the SY390H is a real hero at work, powering through a lot of work, wherever it is put to use. 

Operating mass 40 150 kg    
Standard bucket capacity 1.9    
Transport length 11 432 mm    
Transport width 3 190 mm    
Height over cabin/ROPS 3 783 mm    
Rated power 252 kW 2 100 rpm
Max. digging depth 7 473 mm    
Max. digging reach 11 022 mm    
Min. swing radius 4 176 mm    
Bucket digging force ISO 233 kN    
Arm digging force ISO 184 kN    
Max. oilflow 2×352 l/min    
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