• Class
    Mini Excavators
  • Engine
    Yanmar 3TNV88F
  • Rated power
    18.2 kW / 2 200 rpm
  • Bucket capacity
    0.12 m3
  • Operating mass
    3 860 kg


Precise results and reliable high performance, getting down to work even in confined spaces – the SY35U offers everything you expect from a mini excavator. It is robust, easy to use and, thanks to its excellent performance data, suitable for all types of excavation work.


Operating mass 3 860 kg    
Standard bucket capacity 0.12    
Transport length 4 915 mm    
Transport width 1 720 mm    
Height over cabin/ROPS 2 515 mm    
Rated power 18.2 kW 2 200 rpm
Max. digging depth 3 105 mm    
Max. digging reach 5 465 mm    
Min. swing radius 2 475 mm    
Bucket digging force ISO 30.4 kN    
Arm digging force ISO 18.2 kN    
Max. oilflow 88 l/min    
Benefits & Features

Robust and durable – the most important protective elements and reinforcements as well as all access panels parts are made of high-quality metal, ideal for tough use in the construction industry.

Fully resilient – metal covers – durability and robustness are standard features on all SANY mini excavators. For example, panels are made of metal. This makes them particularly robust – and if a accident happens during the tough everyday work on a construction site, it can usually be straightened out again quickly. Furthermore, all maintenance access points are lockable and thus offer additional protection for the interior.

Compact and powerful – on the one hand a short-tail-swing excavator with small dimensions, on the other hand a small powerhouse that offers exceptional performance in its category. For quick and efficient work even in confined circumstances. The extra option of the additional counterweight combined with the long arm gives the excavator an increased range with added stability.

Perfect stability – in every situation – the track width of 1420 mm, the low centre of gravity and the well-designed weight distribution give the SY35U excellent stability. The additional counterweight* also allows the range to be increased when combined with the long arm, and ensures permanent stability with heavy tilt rotators. The short-tail-swing excavator design slightly alters the centre of gravity when swinging and makes it possible to work in confined spaces. The swing-boom ensures an even wider range of applications and makes it possible to work comfortably and safely parallel to building boundaries of any kind.

Extremely comfortable – from easy access to the comfortable seat and the ergonomically designed controls, the driver can look forward to maximum comfort. The Bluetooth radio with integrated hands-free control further improves comfort.

Maintenance and servicing made easy – carry out maintenance and inspections quickly and reliably – no problem with SANY‘s sophisticated service concept, where each part can be maintained from ground level. The generously sized bonnets ensure quick and easy access to all maintenance-related components. The central lubrication points enables a central supply to various bearings. In this machine, for example, the entire slewing ring can be conveniently lubricated through an opening in the upper structure.

No compromise – the standard safety valves on the arm and boom also ensure safe use during lifting operations. That is our added advantage when it comes to safety.

What is important must be protected – safety for people and machines is ensured here not only by warning devices such as the standard rotating warning beacon and the travel alarm. The boom cylinder is also protected by a metal guarding, which prevents major damage to the cylinder. The safety valves on the arm and boom are also included as standard, and guarantee safe lifting operations.

Quality as standard – the SY35U already comes with extensive features as standard. This can be upgraded with additional special options and adapted to individual requirements.

Many good things – from the ground up – whether it is the engine from Yanmar, the hydraulic system from Casappa or the ground drive from Nachi, the machine is distinguished by its many brand name components and the high quality associated with them.

conomically impressive – with low fuel consumption, straightforward maintenance, low investment costs, the SY35U offers an impressive price-performance ratio in every respect. The two auxiliary control circuits and the hydraulic preparation of the quick-coupler line offer the ideal pre-equipment for almost all work and applications.

Less is more –at least in terms of operating costs – the SY35U pays for itself. A versatile workhorse, it is a future-proof investment in performance, reliability and productivity. With a complete package of comprehensive technology, developed for maximum profitability.

Efficiency or performance? Why should you have to choose? – the times when you had to pay for high performance with extremely high operating costs are over. The SY35U combines exemplary cost-effectiveness and performance. The modern drive and the load-sensing hydraulic system with variable delivery rate are designed for extremely low fuel consumption in compliance with the strict emission standard 5. With two work programs to choose from, the performance of the machine can also be specifically

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