• Class
    Crawler excavator
  • Engine
  • Rated power
    145 kW / 2 000 U/min
  • Bucket capacity
    1.3 m3
  • Operating mass
    27 000 kg

Robust and durable – in tough construction site conditions, the SY265C is in its element. Its undercarriage and solid boom provide an exemplary level of stability, even when working at full power. The seams are welded with high precision and ensure that the excavator has a long service life.

Good reasons to be into heavy metal – the machines have a great deal of work to do during their are computer-controlled by robots. This ensures stability and tough day-to-day work on construction sites. This is why – from reliability. In addition, the robust, wide heavy-duty undercarriage the design stage, to selecting the materials used, machining provides a high level of stability. This allows the SY265C to and conducting the final checks – all excavators by SANY are optimally apply its power. Also good to know: All of the access designed to be robust. For instance, all of the welded seams panels are only made from metal.

Agile power – the SY265C works through its program quickly and with great power. This excavator has great power reserves in its 27 tonnes. The machine is mounted on a stable HD undercarriage so that it can be used to the full.

Always stay steady – combined with the SY265C‘s high mass, its particularly stable heavy-duty undercarriage provides the greatest possible stability. Its integrated reinforcements and the use of robust, high-strength steel ensure minimal wear, even when used continually under the maximum load. The steel chains used also offer the best quality standard – for secure stability on any surface.

Extremely comfortable – from the clearly arranged fittings to the comfortable seat and the ergonomically designed controls, drivers can look forward to maximum comfort.

There is no more sensitive way to control power – working precisely is the key to greater cost-effectiveness and satisfied customers. The ergonomic joystick levers apply the required movements in a particularly sensitive way, immediately and with pinpoint accuracy.

For an even better overview – modern 10“ touchscreen display for simple, intuitive operation. The most important information is always available at a glance and the touchscreen offers fast, direct access to all the menus.

Safety first – the standard safety package includes safety valves and cameras for monitoring the rear and side work areas. The cameras help the driver to move the machine safely and efficiently, even if it is not possible to have an overview of the situation.

Protection for people and machines – with the SY265C, safety begins before the excavator has even started up. To ensure that people, machines, tools and constructions are protected as optimally as possible, the standard equipment includes a safe route up to the cab, as well as handrails and anti-slip tread surfaces on the platform. This means that you are always on the safe side, including when carrying out maintenance work. The standard package also includes the rear and side cameras, which offer a high level of safety for the driver, the machine and the environment. The package is completed by safety valves, which also come as standard.

Pure power – the tried-&-tested Cummins engine unit and the reliable Kawasaki hydraulic system guarantee high performance, particularly when full power is required.

Where efficiency meets power – the efficient management of the engine and hydraulic system makes sure that all of the components interact optimally. This minimises consumption and lowers costs every time the excavator is used.

Sets new standards for productivity – power is not enough on its own. To ensure that work is economical, you must be able to use power where it is needed in a targeted way. For the SANY SY265C, this ability is ensured by the fact that it is easy and precise to operate and has maximum stability. In addition, its hydraulic system has a sophisticated structure, which ensures that power is transferred efficiently for all work.

Where cost-effectiveness meets power – the SANY SY265C is multifaceted when it comes to cost-effectiveness. This includes its sensationally low fuel and AdBlue consumption. The precise interplay between low engine speeds and hydraulic power which is optimally set to requirements provides the best fuel efficiency for every application. The entire machine can also be precisely adapted to the requirements of each task by using the selectable operating modes. This means that you can achieve the optimum cost-effectiveness for your machine virtually at the touch of a button. Together with the sophisticated maintenance concept, this is the key to impressively low operating costs.


Benefits & Features


The SANY SY265C embodies reliable and fuel-efficient high performance – perfectly housed in a compact, robust crawler excavator. It demonstrates its impressive cost-effectiveness and great versatility in its tough day-to-day use.

Operating mass 27000 kg    
Standard bucket capacity 1,3 m³    
Transport length 10290 mm    
Transport width 2990(3190**) mm    
Height over cabin/ROPS 3225 mm    
Rated power 142 kW 2000 rpm
Max. digging depth 6705 mm    
Max. digging reach 9745 mm    
Min. swing radius 3800 mm    
Bucket digging force ISO 187 kN    
Arm digging force ISO 130 kN    
Max. oilflow (AUX1) 400 l/min    
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