• Class
    Mini excavator
  • Engine
  • Peak performance
    15 kW
  • Bucket capacity
    0.04 m3
  • Operating mass
    1 950 kg


The new, electrically powered SY19E mini excavator is the right choice wherever low emission and noise levels need to be combined with efficient work. Both the working environment, such as residential areas or in buildings, and the operator benefit from low noise levels and no exhaust gases.


Peak performance 15 kW
Max. oilflow 72 l/min
Max. travel speed high 3.6 km/h
Max. travel speed slow 2.6 km/h
Bucket digging force ISO 15.2 kN
Arm digging force ISO 9.2 kN
Transport length 3 624 mm
Transport width 980 / 1 350 mm
Height over cabin/ROPS 2 440 mm
Height of Boom – transport 1 175 mm
Benefits & Features

Show strength – the new SANY mini excavator is configured for durability through and through. For instance, the boom was extended by 30% and the bucket arm increased considerably by 65%.

Designed for durability – an optimised FEM analysis was used to overhaul the entire excavator structure. This resulted in a considerable reduction in stress concentrations and an extension of the components exposed to the most stress – for example, the boom was extended by 30% and the bucket arm increased by 65%. The means that the new SANY mini excavator is optimally equipped for tough everyday work – once again being a cut above the rest with its service life extended by 30% on average.

Power pack – in order to provide the necessary power, the new mini excavator is equipped with a trendsetting battery pack that impresses with its high power density, short charging times and long battery life. 

Sustainable and trendsetting – the innovative battery pack impresses users with its high power density, long battery life and short charging time. The latter is just 1.5 hours (direct current) for a short charging cycle and 2.5 hours (alternating current) for a continuous charging cycle. The battery pack is charged using a standard 220 V household socket, a 380 V three-phase current or a rapid charging station for passenger vehicles. In any case, the mini excavator is quickly ready for operation and can work continuously for up to six hours on a full battery charge – enough for an entire working day. In addition, the power supply mode supports operating mode purely with electricity, independently of an external power source. The integrated multi-in-one control unit is at the core of the intelligent power consumption. It controls the functions of the electric drive, the three-phase AC charging function, the low-voltage power supply and the vehicle control system – as well as the additional pre-charging functions. The battery‘s long service life is ensured by effective thermal management during operation and the charging process.

Designed for everyday work – the highresolution 7″ touchscreen display is designed to provide a clear overview and easy, intuitive menu navigation and can also be operated safely with gloves.

Maximum comfort in a mini excavator – the driver’s seat in the SY19E has many adjustment options, with its 680 mm high backrest, offering significantly improved seating comfort compared with similar models in this class. There is also plenty of room in the footwell, with its 300 mm width and new pedal layout making operating the pedals much more convenient and safer. 

Visibility for safety – two LED working lights and one on the boom are fitted as standard ensure optimal illumination of the working area in all conditions. 

Comprehensive and reliable – the TOPS-/FOPS-certified canopy provides both the machine and the operator with effective protection. It also meets the highest safety standards with its additional cross struts and a handle on the roof structure. In addition, the boom and blade cylinders are protected during tough operations at construction sites by the effective cylinder protection. In the worst-case scenario, the emergency lowering ensures that the equipment can even be lowered if there are problems with the drive unit, such that the machine can be transported or maintenance can be performed safely.

Perfect duo – the permanent magnet synchronous motor with its low energy consumption is optimally designed for the newly developed battery pack.

Reliable top performer –equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the new SANY mini excavator impresses with high power and torque density, excellent efficiency, reliability and low energy consumption. The load-sensing hydraulic system with a variable and load-dependent function delivers an excellent hydraulic performance for its weight class. This enables the interaction between individual consumers to be coordinated with greater flexibility and precision. 

Less is more – the highly efficient battery drive system pays for itself. Compared to conventional drives, it consumes around 30% less energy and its maintenance costs are reduced by 80%.

Good savings – compared to machines with a combustion engine, having a fully electric drive reduces direct energy costs by around 30%. What’s more, there are substantial savings when it comes to maintenance since the drive is virtually maintenance-free. Only the hydraulic system requires maintenance – meaning that the total maintenance costs are considerably reduced by around 80%.

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