• Class
    Mobil excavator
  • Engine
  • Rated power
    115 kW / 2 000 rpm
  • Bucket capacity
    0.6 m³
  • Operating mass
    15 000 kg

For the toughest conditions  pin point welded seams, executed by highly-precise welding robots, ensure stability and power in the long term.

Protecting all that‘s important to you – the foundation of the SANY excavator‘s durability and robustness is its sophistica ted design and selected high-quality materials. And, of course, its robust build. The welded seams, for instance, are executed by robots with a high degree of precision. This guarantees maximum load bearing capacity and a long service life. You can always rely on a clean, well thought-out hydraulic system.

Extremely agile – the 2-piece boom enhances its flexibility and reach even with compact dimensions. Even when excavating vertically with attach ments or workpieces, the excavator can work with particular precision in tight spaces.

Manoeuvrability and flexibility – the SY155W‘s 2-piece boom broadens the scope of ap plication and increases operational flexibility. This boom enables the work area to be adapted according to your re quirements, from a longer distance to close up. It is now also possible to lift loads vertically in the immediate vicinity of adjoining buildings. Naturally, all transport dimensions have been maintained, so that the machine can move with road traffic easily and safely. In combination with its large steering angle, the machine can always be brought perfectly to its working position on the construction site.

Comfortable all-round – with its modern interior, the cab provides the best conditions for concentrated and productive work.

With built-in maintenance benefits – we can‘t change the fact that machines need maintenance. That‘s why we‘ve reduced maintenance requirements, resulting in less downtime. The maintenance-friendly overall concept of the SY155W starts with the robust, wide-opening engine bonnet and the easy accessibility of all relevant components. The filter, radiator and bat tery are arranged centrally and can therefore be accessed easily and quickly. This guarantees not only full performance and reliabi lity, but also the long service life of all components.

Protection for both people and machines – from its stable, non-slip hand rails to its large mirrors and camera, the safety package ensures that your construction site runs without a hitch every day.

Everything within reach and in sight – all the controls are clear and positioned directly within the driver‘s reach. This ensures not only optimum comfort, but also maximum safety thanks to precise operation. In addition, the driver has a complete overview of the working and slewing area in all situations. The cleverly built cab structure ensures this excellent overview, in conjunction with the camera supplied as standard.

Inner values – with the SY155W, quality is guaranteed right down to the fine details – from the ZF gearbox and the Bosch Rexroth hydraulics to the Deutz engine.

Price and performance – the SY155W offers an impressive price-performance ratio that quickly pays off. On every construction site, the compact all-rounder shows what true cost-effectiveness looks like.

A mobile powerhouse – when you need an excavator that can change locations quickly, the SY155W is the perfect choice. It lives up to its name as a mobile ex cavator– not only on the construction site when going from one task to the next, but also over short distances between two construction sites, meaning there is no need for an additional means of trans port. This makes it ideally suited for use in urban areas, where it comes into its own thanks to its compact dimensions.

Benefits & Features


The SY155W demonstrates how strong performance can take to the road reliably and safely. The compact mobile excavator is an all-rounder boasting exemplary productivity. During civil engineering, horticulture and landscaping work and on urban construction sites, it proves itself to be a flexible workhorse anywhere, working not only with strength but also precision. The sensitive joystick control and the 2-piece boom, as well as the well-coordinated brand-name components also have their part to play in this.

Operating mass 15000 kg    
Standard bucket capacity (0.6)【Europe type do not fix bucket】    
Transport length 7500 mm    
Transport width 2550 mm    
Height over cabin/ROPS 3200 mm    
Rated power 115 kW 2000 rpm
Max. digging depth 5400 mm    
Max. digging reach 8900 mm    
Min. swing radius 2195 mm    
Bucket digging force ISO 87 kN    
Arm digging force ISO 64 kN    
Max. oilflow 250 l/min    
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