• Class
    Compact excavators
  • Engine
    ISUZU 4JJ1X Stage V
  • Rated power
    78.5 kW / 2 000 rpm
  • Bucket capacity
    0.6 m3
  • Operating mass
    14 870 kg

Quality is worth it – High-quality components improve the machine‘s durability, while additionally increasing the intervals between each maintenance and service. The stable drive with its double-bearing top rollers is also a new addition to this class.

With the benefit of robustness – Durability and robustness are standard features on all SANY excavators. The reinforced structure of the SY135C lends the chassis exemplary stability, thereby prolonging the machine‘s service life. The top rollers also have double bearings, which significantly improve durability and the guiding of the chain. What‘s more, all of the panels are made solely of metal, which makes them particularly resilient and facilitates repair, should there be any obstacles hindering this. 

Compact power – The SANY SY135C tackles work extremely efficiently as a compact excavator. High performance and impressive stability – the perfect combination to complete all tasks quickly and reliably on the construction site.

Everything within reach – The SY135C impresses on-site thanks to its stability and stableness, meaning it brings its power quickly and safety to where it is needed. Its large working radius is also a plus point, with a maximum horizontal reach of 8290 mm and maximum excavation depth of 5500 mm. The heavy dozer blade ensures additional stability.

Easy to maintain – The engine bonnet that can be fully opened and the clear arrangement of the key components in the centre make maintenance and service quick and easy. The 7“ touch display is also impressive, boasting high resolution and intuitive operation.

Control with feeling – The joystick control enables all functions of the excavator to be operated intuitively. The hydraulics valve control responds to commands immediately. Together with the automatic speed setting, this enables work to be carried out precisely and safely with higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption for the same operation. Not forgetting the large 7“ touch display, which is easy to read and navigate, and displays all important information.

Comprehensive protection – Alongside the camera system, beacon lamp, and travel alarm, the safety package also includes protective plates over the blade cylinders.

Good visibility always guaranteed – Two protected cameras ensure safety is enhanced during all work or when reversing, for example. The resulting camera views are clearly displayed on the high-resolution 7“ touch display.

Reliable drive – The tried-and-tested ISUZU-4JJ1X engine guarantees reliable performance in the long term, even in harsh working conditions.

Flexibility as standard – The full hydraulic arrangement of the quick-coupler system guarantees that functions are perfectly integrated into the control menu, facilitating quick and safe attachment replacement. A further benefit is time and cost savings when compared with retrofitting.

Two proportional, individually adjustable control circuits are, of course, part of the standard equipment on the SY135C. The rotation linie is fed by a separate pump to ensure smooth working at all times, even when several movements are being controlled simultaneously.

Efficiency and power – The drive system reacts automatically to high thrust forces and switches automatically to a lower gear as needed.

Strong performance with low fuel consumption – More work with less fuel – the SY135C‘s sophisticated engine and hydraulic concept makes this a reality. The hugely powerful diesel engine, equipped with common rail technology and AdBlue emission control, puts on a strong show with its maximum torque of 375 Nm and 1 800 rpm. A choice of various operating modes and automatic speed reduction optimise fuel consumption in a tangible way. This is where power meets efficiency. The total savings thanks to improved fuel efficiency result in significant economic benefits.

Benefits & Features


The SY135C resoundingly proves that the performance of a compact excavator is not necessarily determined by bulky size. Weighing a total of almost 15 tonnes, it offers the optimum ratio of power to manoeuvrability. In addition, the robust, wide heavy-duty undercarriage and the robust dozer blade provide a high level of stability. This allows it to optimally apply its power – for a comprehensive range of applications anywhere where larger machines have to fit.

Operating mass 14 870 kg kg    
Standard bucket capacity 0.6    
Transport length 7 700 mm    
Transport width 2 590 mm    
Height over cabin/ROPS 2 820 mm    
Rated power 78.5 kW 2 000 rpm
Max. digging depth 5 500 mm    
Max. digging reach 8 290 mm    
Min. swing radius 2 500 mm    
Bucket digging force ISO 103 kN    
Arm digging force ISO 67 kN    
Max. oilflow 2×110 l/min    
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