• Class
    Electric mining truck
  • Battery capacity
  • Driviving time per charge
    9-10h on flat work roads
  • Load weight
    60 T
  • Top speed
    30 km/h

Being equipped to face the challenges of the tomorrow means harnessing the innovations of today. The strides we at SANY have made in electric machinery engineering has made investing in green machinery easier, and more profitable, than ever before.

The SKT90E is a 100% fully electric widebody truck suited for mining- and quarry operations in harsh environments. Fitted with a 564 kWh battery from industry leading CATL along with the ability to freight 60 tonnes each trip and a gradeability of 35%- makes this truck suited for all heavy industry operations.


Effekt Nom/Max 440/740 kW  
Axle 25+35+35(t)  
Net Weight 37 T  
Drive per load 9-10h on flat roads  
Charge time 1h from 25% to 95%  
Top speed 30 km/h  
Gearbox Type Dual 3-shift AMT  
Load Weight 60T  
Lubrication System Optional automatic lubrication  
Max. Gradeability 39 %  
Maximum Torque 2300 NM  
Min. Turning Radius 12500 mm  
Automatic/Manual Automatic  
Axle 25+35+35(t)  
Capacity (Struck/Heaped) 33/38 m³  
Displacement 0 L  
Warranty battery 5 years or 200 000 km  
Warranty electric motors and drive systems 3 years or 150 000 km  
Benefits & Features

High-strength Frame

The newly designed low-stress and high-strength frame effectively prevents the fatigue breakage of the frame and reduces the overall stress level by 51% compared with competing products.

Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension

The hydro-pneumatic suspension technology is applied to replace the traditional leaf spring structure, remarkably improve the life and comfort of the machine, thoroughly solve the frequent breakage problem of front suspension leaf springs in the industry, and promote the attendance rate of the machine. The hydro-pneumatic suspension features excellent shock-absorbing and damping performance to remarkably improve the load application of the frame and prolong the life of the frame.

Oil And Gas Suspension

Front oil and gas suspension, buffer, and vibration reduction are significantly improved; greatly reducing the impact force of the frame, cab, and other heavy parts, reduce the occurrence of various faults, and extend the life of the vehicle; thoroughly solve the fracture problem of the front plate spring.

Full Hydraulic Steering and Emergency Steering

The vehicle steering makes it easier to solve the problem of heavy mechanical steering caused by heavy trucks in the industry; equipped with emergency steering, to solve the problem of steering failure after engine flameout or steering pump failure.

Intelligent Electrical System

SANY intelligent control module with an electrical fault self-diagnosis system can troubleshoot some problems automatically.

10 “central control screen equipped with reversing camera, Bluetooth connection, compatible with intelligent mine management system. The built-in GPS module can effectively monitor the vehicle operation.

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