• Class
  • Engine
  • Rated power
    185 kW / 2 200 rpm
  • Lifting capacity
    25 000 kg
  • Operating mass
    33 900 kg


When it comes to lifting heavy cargo, SANY’s heavy-duty forklift is in its element. At the port, sawmill or steel manufacture, loading precast concrete components or wind energy components – it will do a stellar job wherever loads need to be moved and positioned with precision. The box frame, which is manufactured in-house, makes it particularly robust, and, thanks to its tried-and-tested components, it is right at home in continuous use under the toughest of operating conditions. Its optimal weight distribution makes it highly stable. For agile manoeuvring, the double-action steering cylinder and the steering angle make for tight turns. The solid heavy-duty forklift combines precise, safe lifting, moving and positioning of cargo with low operating costs.

Rated power 185 / 2 200 kW / rpm
Lifting capacity 25 000 kg
Lifting speed without/with load 350 / 320 mm/s
Lowering speed without/with load 500 / 500 mm/s
Lifting height, standard 4 000 mm
Lifting height, optional 6 000 mm
Total length 8 791 mm
Transport width 3 100 mm
Transport height 4 300 mm
Outer turning radius 6 000 mm
Benefits & Features

Taking the weight off of heavy loads  The newly designed cab, which is now 40 mm wider, has a robust frame and offers an even safer and more comfortable workplace than the previous cab. For example, the operator will find powerful air conditioning with its own display for all AC settings in the cab as standard. The ergonomic joystick makes the fork functions particularly easy to use. The electric accelerator pedal and the combined braking/coupling pedal is responsible for quick, safe travel. The easy-to-tilt steering column makes getting in and out of the cab comfortable and underpins the optimised, ergonomic overall package.

Maintenance made easy  For easy access to the gear box, the driver’s cab can be tilted to the right hydraulically. Routine maintenance tasks can also be completed quickly thanks to the easily accessible lubrication points and a lubrication bench for hidden bearing points. 

A complete overview  The large 10-inch display, which is easy to reach on the right-hand armrest console, is intuitive to use as a touch screen and includes a number of features, such as windscreen wipers, lights or on-board diagnostics. The forklift, mast tilt, fork spacing, fork side shift and individual fork spacing are controlled via the joystick – and that includes multiple operations at once.

Best outlook for safe working – The large opening in the middle of the mast offers a clear view of the fork and load at the front. The hydraulic lines arrangement on the mast is angled to minimise obstruction to the operator’s view left and right of the mast. The rear window with its curved corners provides an unrestricted field of vision when reversing and manoeuvring. What is more, the large roof glazing offers a clear view of high masts – it is rare to see such an all-round view.

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