The latest exploits from SANY Northern Europe!
2024-01-12 14:56:48
By Admin

The past month has been full of positive events for us at SANY Northern Europe. Below we list a small selection of what we and our dealers around the Nordics have achieved recently.


Deliveries of construction vehicles

Our dealer Nordnorsk machine center in Bodø has delivered the medium-sized excavator SY305C with a working weight of 30.5 tons to Østhus & Tennevoll Entreprenør. The new excavator will in future be used in the construction of the new airport outside Mo. During its first time on the job, the machine received praise for its robust design and strength.

Similarly, Seabrokers has previously delivered an excavator of the same model to a private person in Molde. Before delivery, it was equipped with the extra light and quick switch for easier changes of equipment, all based on the customer’s own wishes.

In Denmark, M. Poulsen/ Loma Aps has expanded the network of SANY dealers in the country. Both ONJ Tractors and Agro Fyn have been contracted and in the future they will be able to offer customers machines from SANY. During the past month, two mini excavators have been delivered to ONJ Tractors as the beginning of a more in-depth collaboration in the future, where more and larger machines will be offered.

In Iceland, our dealer Elfoss has delivered the larger SY500H excavator to a contractor tasked with removing igneous rocks that have emerged after a volcanic eruption. With a working weight of 52,200 kg and a bucket that holds 2.2 m3, the task was simple in its execution. Video of this can also be found on our Instagram!

Our dealers visiting China

In order for our dealers and partners to better understand what we can offer them in terms of production capacity as well as possibilities for customized solutions on existing models, we regularly invite people who are part of our network to visit one or more of our production facilities in China. During the past month, colleagues from both Seabrokers and M. Poulsen/Loma have visited the production facility in Changsha where SANY has its headquarters.

Final words

If you want to know more about us, our network of dealers or our machines, you are welcome to contact our Sales Manager Mikael at the following address:

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With this, we wish you all a nice weekend!